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Becoming more and more popular around the globe, anime is quickly gaining mainstream popularity, infiltrating countries all over the world faster and faster.  With that being said, there is also no shortage of any kind when it comes to online sites that allow you to stream and watch your favorite anime shows. In fact, there are even sites which allow you to read the manga episodes online, 100% free.  You would probably be very surprised to find out that the amount of mangas that are available is simply humongous. You may also be surprised to find that the amount of demand that there is for these shows is incredibly high.  

One of the sites that is fulfilling this demand for mangas, is Kissmanga.  They are one of the most well-known sites in the world when it comes to these.  But what would happen if Kissmanga ever went down? Where would you and everyone else go in order to get their fill of their favorite mangas?  

Well fear not as there are plenty of other sites that are similar to Kissmanga where you can go to find all of your favorites that you simply cannot live without.  But first, here is exactly what Kissmanga is.

Kissmanga Explained

Kissmanga is one of the online platforms that are available for those who are looking to read manga.  It has become so popular as it offers one of the best user interfaces that allow you to read manga. Some of the main features that Kissmanga has to offer its users include:

  • All of the manga pages run continuously, meaning that you will not be required to click on a link each time you have finished the page you’re on and want to flip to the next one.
  • They have a huge variety of manga that ranges from just about every genre you could ever think of.
  • You are not required to turn off your adblocker in order to use the site.
  • You can even create a free account in order to participate into the Kissmanga forum.
  • You are always allowed to request for any manga issues that are not currently listed on the site.
  • They have anime versions of all the mangas available for you to watch.

But what if Kissmanga were to go down?  Here are some of the best alternatives to Kissmanga.

Kissmanga Alternatives

While Kissmanga is the best option when it comes to fulfilling your manga needs, here are some of the top alternatives available to fulfill all of your manga needs.

  1. Mana Fox
  2. Comixology
  3. Mangafreak
  4. Manga Rock
  5. VIZ Media
  7. View Comic Online
  8. Read Comic Books Online
  9. Crunchyroll Manga
  10. Manga Panda

While none of these sites are going to be as large or as user friendly as Kissmanga, they are all great sites that will supply you with the manga that you want to read.  So be sure to check them out and see which ones you like best.


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